‘Aadmi toh hota hi kutta hai’, Rakhi Sawant accuses Adil Khan of cheating

New Delhi: Rakhi Sawant’s marriage to Adil Khan Durrani appears to be in trouble. The actress made serious charges against Adil just days after her mother died. She broke down in front of the press outside her gym and revealed that Adil’s girlfriend was causing chaos in her marriage. While she was imprisoned in the Bigg Boss Marathi house, she accused him of infidelity. The Main Hoon Na actress also asked the paparazzi not to interview or contact with Adil because it would bring him prominence.

Rakhi said, “Through you all (paps), I’d like to warn the girl in Adil’s life who took advantage when I was in Bigg Boss Marathi 4. I won’t take her name but when the time is right, I will show all the photos and videos.” Rakhi shared how Adil’s affair has affected her marriage. “Ek aurat aurat ka ghar tod rahi hai. Aadmi toh hota hi kutta hai. Tum jaoge toh karega hi. Tum ek shaadi shuda aurat ki zindagi kharab kar rahi ho. You should thank me for not taking your name or making your videos viral,” she cried.


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She added, “Adil is a liar. He swore by the Quran that he will block that girl. But he did not do it and now that girl is blackmailing him. She has some dirty proof about Adil.”

Further, she warned paps to not take Adil’s interview, “I don’t want you to take any interviews of Adil or even try to make him a big star. Usne industry main ana tha isliye mera istemaal kiya (He just wanted that to use me and enter into the industry.) He will not come to the gym and will be here to just give interviews, which I don’t want at all.”

Talking about not disclosing her marriage with Adil, Rakhi said, “Adil made me remain silent about our marriage for 8 months because of his affair. He says, ‘Tum meri bhagwan ho, khuda ho, Allah ke baad tum ho.’ Nahi. Don’t compare me to them. Mujhe biwi banna hai, bachon ki maa banna hai, mein ek insaan banna chahti hun. I want to say that I won’t share anything yet. I was silent till now. He denied our marriage because of that girl. Then later because of fans and media he got scared and accepted our marriage. So, I don’t want to become a stair for others. So don’t use me to move ahead in life.”


Comparing her relationship with Aftab Poonawala and Shraddha Walkar case, Rakhi Sawant said, “Kehte ho na media mein kyun aati ho, baat ghar pe hi rakho. Ghar pe reh ke na mujhe fridge mein nahi jaana hai. I will fight for my rights as a married woman. Adil supports that girl and so she tells me confidently that he will leave me and marry her. That’s why he asked me to hide marriage.”

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