HEIs to have Professor of Practice: UGC

New Delhi: University Grant Commission (UGC) Secretary Rajnish Jain on Friday issued guidelines for engaging Professors of Practice in Higher Education Institutions.

The secretary has written to the Vice Chancellors of Universities, Directors of all institutions and Principle of all colleges in this matter. He has asked the authorities to take appropriate options.

In a letter to Higher Education Institutions, UGC Secretary Rajnish Jain mentioned that the action has been taken in the context of holistic and multidisciplinary education; as recommended in the NEP 2020.

“Realizing that the Higher Education Institutions need people with skills and expertise
acquired in non-academic careers, teaching and research, the UGC has taken a
a new initiative of engaging Professor of Practice in HEIs” said Jain.

As per Guidelines for engaging Professor of Practice in Universities and College. The engagement of the Professor of Practice will be for a fixed term.

The engagement of the Professor of Practice will be exclusive to the sanctioned posts of a university/college. It will not affect the number of sanctioned posts and the
recruitment of regular faculty members. Professor of Practice is not open for those in the teaching profession- serving or retired.

What is Professor of Practice?

Professor of Practice is a faculty position. Industry as well as professional experts can fill this place even though they do not have formal academic qualifications.

As per new rule, Higher Education Institutions will also have this place.


The procedure for selecting a Professor of Practice is the Vice-Chancellors/Directors may invite nominations from eminent experts for Professor of Practice positions.

The experts willing to serve may also be nominated or they can send their nominations to
the Vice-Chancellor/Director with detailed biodata and a brief write-up about their
potential contribution to the HEI.

Such nominations will be considered by a selection committee consisting of two senior Professors from the HEI and one eminent external member. Based on the
recommendations of this committee, the Academic Council and the Executive Council or statutory bodies of the HEI will decide on the engagement.

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