CUET 2022: St. Stephen’s College to proceed Supreme Court against High Court’s decision

CUET 2022: Students who are seeking admission to the prestigious St. Stephen’s College of Delhi University are informed that they have to wait a little longer for admission because the dispute started between the college and Delhi University regarding admission under CUET 2022 and now the college decided to proceed to the Supreme Court after the Delhi High Court. 

All colleges to give admission under CUET only

The tussle between the university and the college started after this order, in which it was said that this year admission to all colleges will be done only according to the score of CUET 2022 and no college will conduct its examination. St. Stephen’s College refused to accept this order. The college adopted a new system under which 85 per cent of the admissions would be given under CUET, and for 15 per cent the college itself would conduct interviews.

Delhi High Court ruled in favour of the University

On September 12, the High Court heard the petition made by St. Stephen’s College and said that the college should give admission based on CUET only. The High Court had asked the college to follow the admission policy prepared by DU. St Stephen’s is adamant about giving admission based on 85 per cent CUET marks and 15 per cent interview.

Delhi University has made it clear that the university will not recognize the admissions taken by St. Stephen’s College for non-compliance with the CUET process. The university says that colleges of the same university cannot adopt different rules for admission.

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