UP: Woman found alive while man spent 7 years in jail for her murder

New Delhi: In a shocking revelations of a murder case in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh, a woman was found alive whose death was confirmed 7 years ago, resulting impriosnment to an accused named Vishnu.

The Police found that the woman was alive and living with a man with her two kids in a village of Hathras district. The woman was detianed and presented brfore the court on Monday.

The Police has also urged the court to allow DNA test of the girl.

Parents confirmed death 

Nearly 7 years ago, an unknown body was found in Agra in Uttar Pradesh. Parents of the accused girl identified the unknown dead body as their daughter. Following the proceedings, the accused in the matter was sent behind the bars for kidnapping and murdering the girl.

However, a few days ago, Vishnu’s family got to know that the girl is alive and also planning to get married. The family rushed to the police immediately to inform them about the case.

Vishnu’s mother and family have been staging protest against the police for falsely accussing an innocent in a murder case.

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Girl Planned Eloping With Another Man 

The woman was in love with a man and wanted to have a family with him. She eloped with the man and settled in a village of Hathras.

A few days earlier, Vishnu’s family has visited the same village for some rituals where the villagers told the former about a girl came to the village several years ago.

The family showed the picture of the woman and found out that she is the same girl.

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