UP: Kins of fraud case accused arrested for assaulting police

New Delhi: The Police have arrested two sisters and the mother of an accused in a fraud case allegedly for attacking creating chaos at the police station. The relatives of the accused attacked the cops at the entry gate of the police station.

As per a report of the PTI, the police on Thursday informed that the three women have been arrested after a case was registered. However, the three ladies were accompanied by a man, who was the accused elder brother, escaped from the spot. The police launched a search operation to find the man.

The incident took place at the New Colony police station in Uttar Pradesh district.

An official from the police station, sub inspector Karambir, who is also the complainant in the matter, said the incident occurred on Wednesday. The police was investigating a fraud case when it found a man named Karan Samdarshi — a resident of Tanda village in Uttar Pradesh — is involved.

Police visited Karan’s house to arrest him. However, when it was returning after arresting the man, the three woman along with accused’s elder brother followed them to the police station. At the gate of the police station, the kins of the accused started assaulting the police personnel.

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