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Teacher expelled from school for doing THIS with student, teaches Yoga now

Sometimes wrongdoing is done on behalf of the student with the teacher. Sometimes teachers cross their limits. Here is what Mellisa did.

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New Delhi: The job of a teacher is to impart education and knowledge in children. So that they can make wise choices which will lead them to a good life. But at times, the teachers too can get deviated. And it might have severe consequences. A similar story has emerged from Scotland. A teacher who goes by the name of Melissa Tweedie has turned out be a irrational teacher. Or may be a rational teacher who made an irrational choice in life.

Melissa was a Physical Education Teacher living in Scotland. She somehow went off her toes and fell for a student.

Although the incident is old, but these days she is in discussion due to her new work. First of all, let us tell about the old incident, due to which he lost her job. In June 2017, Melissa had sex with an 18-year-old student at the school’s prom night. At that time he was 23 years old.

The teacher wore a revealing dress on prom night

During the hearing, witnesses told many things about Melissa. They said that the kind of clothes she came wearing in the prom night was not in accordance with an teacher. She was wearing a very revealing dress. After this she was seen dancing with the students. The principal testified that she did not went with the other teachers after prom night was over.

After drinking alcohol, the teacher made this mistake

She accompanied the students to a nearby nightclub, where it was alleged that drank together. After this she started kissing the 18 year old student. In the testimony, the student told that, “we were in the same room all night. After having sex we slept there. The next day at 8 in the morning we left from there.”

However, she denied the allegation. Melissa Tweedie was removed from the teaching register in February. he was removed by the General Teaching Council for Scotland after she behaved inappropriately with a student. Following this she could not work further in any school.

Teaching yoga on Youtube now

After the allegations, Melissa deleted all social media accounts and left Scotland. She then went to Dubai. But now she has stepped into the world of education again. This time she is giving teaching people through a virtual medium. She is now teaching yoga by through her YouTube channel.

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