Shocking! Youth rapes 17-yr-old minor girl daily, records videos, then this happened…

In a shocking incident from Uttarakhand’s Rudrapur, a young man used to rape a 17-year-old minor girl living with her father after her parents’ divorce, taking advantage of her circumstances and compulsions. The court found the youth guilty of rape by taking advantage of the minor’s circumstances and sentenced him to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 50,000.

In addition, under Section 457 of the Indian Penal Code, three years rigorous imprisonment and a Rs 10,000 fine are imposed on the guilty youth, as well as three years imprisonment and a Rs 5000 fine for threatening to kill the minor girl.

It should be noted that on June 5, 2020, a report was filed in Police Station Kashipur under the Rape and POCSO Act against the accused youth Sahil, a resident of Pakka Kot, Kashipur. Sahil allegedly raped the victim’s 17-year-old daughter several times, according to the victim’s mother.

The woman explained that after divorcing her husband, she moved in with her younger daughter and her second husband, while her elder daughter remained with her ex-husband. Accused Sahil used to come under the guise of giving liquor to the ex-husband while keeping a bad eye on the daughter.

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Sahil entered the survivor’s room and raped her on April 20, 2020, around 10 pm, while she was sleeping in the house. He later threatened to kill her parents if she told anyone. He also made obscene videos of the survivor, which threatened to make viral on social media. Fear kept the minor from telling anyone about her ordeal. The accused’s courage grew as a result of this, and he began raping the victim every day. The victim’s mother was disturbed by his antics.

After hearing the case, POCSO judge Reena Negi issued the verdict, stating that the convict committed the crime by taking advantage of the minor’s poor family circumstances and lack of protection from elders. In such a case, harsh punishment for the accused is appropriate. The court also ordered the District Legal Services Authority to pay the victim Rs 2 lakh in compensation.

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