Monday, December 5, 2022

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SHOCKING! Girlfriend didn’t wanted to marry, she took THIS step to end the relationship

New Delhi: Police officials now claim that they have solved the mystery behind the 23-year-old radiology student in Thiruvananthapuram. ADGP Ajit Kumar said that Sharon Raj was murdered by his girlfriend Garishma by giving her poison. Garishma wanted to end the relationship but Sharon denied.

Murdered by girlfriend?

Thiruvananthapuram Police has made a shocking revelation in the death of a 23-year-old radiology student in Kerala. Police said that Sharon Raj was murdered by his girlfriend Garishma. She called Sharon home on the pretext of meeting him on October 14 and then mixed the juice with insecticide and gave him the drink.

After this, as soon as Sharon reached home, his health started deteriorating. Sharon’s brother knew that he had gone to Garishma’s house, so he called up and asked Garishma, ‘Have you fed Sharon something?’ The girl lied saying no, Sharon did not eat or drink anything at her house.

Sharon was taken to hospital in unconscious state

Then the family members reached the hospital with Sharon in a state of unconsciousness. But 11 days later, on 25 October, he died during treatment. It became clear in the medical report that Sharon had died due to poison.

Garishma confessed her crime

When the police started the investigation, Garishma was also questioned. They doubted her statement. At first she kept misleading the police but on October 30, Garishma confessed her crime. She told that she was in a relationship with Sharon for the last one year. But in the meantime his marriage was fixed elsewhere. Even then the affair of both continued.

Wanted to end the relationship

But as soon as the date of marriage approached, Garishma wanted to end this relationship. It was told that she talked to Sharon regarding this but he did not agree. She also tried to convince her boyfriend but he was not ready to leave her.

She also made excuse of Kundli defect

Garishma said, “I also made an excuse to get away from Sharon that the pundit has said that her first husband will die. Because there is some defect in her kundli. Still Sharon did not agree.”

She then thought of killing Sharon to move him out of his way. So on the pretext of meeting she called her home. She then mixed insecticide in his juice which ked to his death.

Did not wanted him to escape ‘alive’

The accused girl further said, “Sharon’s brother even asked me if I had fed him anything? But I didn’t tell him becuase I though he might not escape. I also didn’t wanted the police to send me to jail for trying to kill him.”

At the same time, ADGP Ajit Kumar told that when the statement was taken from Sharon, he was saying that he does not suspect anyone. At present, Garishma has been arrested. Further investigation is underway.

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