Shocking! Class 8 girl student raped first by students and then by the head master himself

A shameful case has emerged from Bihar’s Kaimur, in which a teacher crossed all lines of inhumanity by first witnessing a minor girl student being gangraped by four boys and then raped her himself.

A 14-year-old girl student, who studies in class 8th at a school in Bihar’s Kaimur district, went to the restroom. She went to the hill because there was no toilet at the school. Four schoolboys were already present there.

One of the boys grabbed the minor’s mouth and led her to a remote location on the other side of the hill. The boys raped the minor while others stood by and watched.

The headmaster was also raped

According to reports, the headmaster heard the girl’s cries from a hill behind the school and ran there. He witnessed with his own eyes that wrongdoing is being committed with the minor, and that the girl child attends his school. Despite this, he did not take any action; instead, his intentions were ruined, and the headmaster also raped the minor.

The survivor’s ordeal

Following this incident, the minor girl returned home and informed her family about the rape. The news shocked the family members as well. They immediately filed a police report against the accused headmaster and the other four defendants.

The victim claimed that she was raped only by the headmaster and a boy, while three other boys stood by and did nothing to stop the rape. The police have filed charges against the headmaster and the boy, and they are being detained and questioned.

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