SHOCKING! 3 men try to rape lesbian couple, burns private part with electric rod

New Delhi: A brutal case has emerged from Murshidabad in West Bengal. Here a lesbian couple was brutally beaten by three men. They then burnt the young woman’s private part with an electric rod. The men also tried to then rape both the girls. The police have already arrested two accused in the case. Meanwhile, the search for the third accused is still on.

Private part burnt with electric rod

Although the LGBT community has been legally recognized in the country, but for many people in India it is still considered as sin. A horrific case has come to light from West Bengal. Here, three men beat and molested a lesbian couple. Then the private part of one of them was also burnt with an electric rod. They also tried to rape both of them and later fled from the spot.

Accused are relatives of the girl

The girl was seriously injured and immediately taken to the hospital where she is undergoing treatment. The family members of the victim have registered a case against three people at Sagardighi police station. As per the report, two of the accused are relative of one of the victims. Whereas, the third accused is her neighbor. The police have already arrested two of the accused whereas one of the accused is still absconding. The police is searching the third accused.

Girl narrated the entire story

It is being told that the age of both the girls is between 21 and 22 years. The second victim told the police, “We are both in a relationship for the last few years. We meet each other everyday. On October 25, my girlfriend called me and told me that she was ill. Then she invited me to the house. It was late at night, so I stayed at her house.”

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