Saturday, November 26, 2022

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Shocker! Wife was trying to die by suicide in bedroom, husband kept making creepy video

New Delhi: In a house in Kanpur, a woman tries to hang herself on the noose. Her husband is present in the same room, but he does not try to save her, instead he makes a video of her horrifying act. And what happens after that is very surprising.

This is on 25 October 2022. A video surfaced. Which is from Gulmohar Park area of ​​Kanpur. It was 12.30 in the afternoon. There was a very strange scene in a house. There was a bed in one room of that house and a plastic chair was kept on that bed.

There was also a bed on the bed. Because of which he was not able to become the balance of the chair. There was a fan just above the bed and there was probably a noose of dupatta hanging from the fan.

Amidst all these lifeless things, a living person was constantly battling between that chair, the fan and the noose. She used to fix the noose. Sometimes she used to get down from the chair. Sometimes she used to say something and sometimes she would look in front.

Sometimes standing Seeing this scene it was clear that there is someone else in the room. Because this whole scene was being recorded and the one who was sitting in the room recording all this, his voice was also coming in between.

When that man was saying something, the woman was also answering. The woman was saying something after hearing his words. That video was just here. But the story goes further. About two hours after making that video, the video maker makes a phone call and says that Shobhita has committed suicide.

Husband was making video

The woman who is seen trying this in the video, the name of that woman is Shobhita. And before the death of Shobhita, sitting in the same room, the person who made the video of her attempt to death is Sanjeev Gupta.

Sanjeev and Shobhita are husband and wife. That is, at the time when Shobhita was trying to swing from the noose, at that time her husband Sanjeev was making her video.

Now you will say that instead of saving the wife, why was he making the video? So it also has a story. But before that story, let’s complete the story of Shobhita’s death. So after two hours of shooting the video, Sanjeev calls his in-laws at 2.30 pm and informs about Shobhita’s death. Shobhita’s parents also live in Kanpur. As soon as he got this news on the phone, he ran to his house.

Shobhita’s family told the whole story

When we come home, Shobhita’s body was lying on the bed and Sanjeev was trying to get her breath back in a way by pressing her chest. Soon after, Shobhita is taken to the hospital and Shobhita’s family members narrate the whole story to the police.

The police are also shown the video which Sanjeev made and sent to his parents. Immediately after this, on the complaint of Shobhita’s family members, the police arrest Sanjeev.

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