Shameful! ‘Saas’ used to forcibly send ‘bahu’ to ‘sasur’ for THIS ill work

Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh: A surprising case has emerged from Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur district. Everyone will be taken aback when they hear this. A stepmother-in-law in the city, knowingly or unknowingly, wrote a rape story with her daughter-in-law. Every day, she would send her daughter-in-law to her father-in-law under pressure. The father-in-law would then rape his daughter-in-law whenever he had the opportunity.

The victim went to the police station to report the immoral activity taking place in her in-laws’ home. She told the police the entire story. Following that, the police filed a rape report and arrested the accused father-in-law.

Threats were used to keep the mouth shut

According to the information, this case is from the city’s Ramgarhtal district. A resident has been arrested by police for raping his daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law claims that the stepmother-in-law used to send her to the father-in-law by force. Not only that, but when she protested, she used to threaten, and she was put under pressure to keep her mouth shut.

A case was filed based on the victim’s allegations, and the accused father-in-law was arrested. According to reports, the accused is originally from Gorakhpur’s Belghat area and now lives in Ramgarhtal with his family.

The daughter-in-law finally filed a complaint

According to the victim, her mother-in-law used to send it to her father-in-law under duress. When he had the chance, her father-in-law raped her. Following that, she was also forced to keep her mouth shut.

The victim then filed a complaint with the Ramgarhtal police station. On Sunday, the police filed a rape report and arrested the suspect.

Many such cases have emerged in the state. Where everyday occurrences that embarrass relationships are brought to light. Everyone in the city was taken aback when they learned that the mother-in-law had been raping both her own husband and her daughter-in-law.

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