Police nabs ‘engineer’ cyber criminal in Patna; Committed Rs 2 cr fraud monthly

New Delhi: A case of cyber fraud has emerged from Bihar. Patna police has arrested an engineering student for committing cyber fraud. This man from Bihar has not just committed fraud with people of Bihar but he has also trapped people from Telangana as well as Mumbai. Police has recovered cash amounting to lakhs of rupees, jewelry and expensive cars from him.

The police team that reached Patna from Telangana was looking for a cyber criminal against whom they had a warrant. Telangana businessman Chiluka Vijay Kumar had filed a complaint with the Telangana Police that he was duped in the name of getting a dealership of “Kia Motors”.

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Telangana police was investigating the case. They got the location of cyber criminals in Patna. Following the lead, the police team came to Patna and went to Patrakar Nagar police station to meet the SHO Manoranjan Bharti. They shared the information about the case. Patna police took swift action and arrested Akash. A direct connection was established between him and the case of Telangana.

Aakash along with his team had cheated 40-year-old Viluka Vijay Kumar, a resident of Nizampet, Cyberabad in Telangana. Apart from Rs 33 lakh in cash, the police have also recovered expensive jewellery, many property papers and documents of luxury vehicles from Akash’s flat.

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29 lakh rupees were cheated in the name of getting dealership, NOC, registration and license of KIA, which sells luxury vehicles. In this case, the police of Cyber ​​Crime Station in Telangana had registered an FIR on 16 July.

In the interrogation that followed, Akash told that due to scarcity of money, he could not do his further studies. Then in 2021 a met a big cyber criminal. After that he joined him. So far, they have earned property worth crores of rupees by cheating. He told that his gang keeps a target of 2 crores every month. Now the police is still tracing Akash’s contract and property.


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