Minors kill aunt on denial of marriage before legal age

New Delhi: A sensational news is coming out from Ajmer district of Rajasthan. A sensational murder case of a woman in Ashapura village in the Nasirabad district has come to light. Police officials have disclosed the matter in 24 hours while apprehending the accused.

According to media reports, the murder was done due to an ongoing dispute over love story and property.  The murder was committed by the niece with the help of three of her associates.

All the accused are minors

As per information, the police arrested the deceased’s niece and two others, all of them minors. The arrests were made in the case of a dead body of a woman that was found in the stepwell of a village Ashapura near Nasirabad in the Ajmer district.

3 failed attempts, killed in the 4th attempt

Due to the ongoing dispute over her love story and property, the niece carried out the murder with the help of her three companions. The accused tried to kill her thrice earlier but they were not successful. In the fourth attempt, she was killed by strangulation and hitting the head with sticks.

Police is interrogating the accused

At present, the police is interrogating the accused. The whole matter is of Ashapura ki Baori of Nasirabad police station where the minor niece Janhvi of deceased Bela Johnson is the daughter of her elder sister Zarina who was adopted by Bela.

2 years of love affair

At the same time, the minor was having a love affair with accused Gautam Bairwa for two years and both wanted to get married. However, the aunt wanted to wait till the niece becomes an adult. In such a situation, both of them started feeling that the aunt did not want them to get married and they made a plan to kill the aunt.

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