Minor kills alcoholic father, was fed up of his atrocities on mother & sisters

New Delhi: A disheartening story has come to light from the national capital from the Netaji Subhash Place area. Here a family of six is devastated following an incident that came out of anger and pain. The reason behind the incident being an alcoholic father nad his murder.

The man used to beat his wife and daughter. He used to demand money from them. One of his sons reached a breaking point. He was fed up of seeing his father beat his mother and sisters almost daily. Her mother used to work as a house-help.

A body was found on fourth floor of a building

At 11.55 am on Monday (November 14), the Subhas Place police received a call. It was told that the body of a 50-year-old man was found. The police personnel reached a flat located on the fourth floor of a house in Shakurpur. The police witnessed blood and body of the man. Broken bangles were also found on the floor. As per media reports, along with the body of the man, his wife and 4 children were also present at the spot.

The man’s wife is 44-year-old, the two daughters are 20 and 16 years old. Whereas, his sons were 17 and 15 year old. The 17 year old is alleged to have committed the crime.

17-year-old son tried to mislead the police

In the beginning of the investigation nothing was clear and police were unable to find anything conclusive. However, they witnessed that the 17-year-old was a bit too active in the investigation. He tried to mislead the police but when he was questioned strictly he confessed to killing his father along with some other boys.

Father used to torture mother and sisters for alcohol

The accused told that his father was addicted to alcohol. He further told that his mother and sister used to work as house helps to run the house. On the other hand, the father repeatedly demanded them for money to drink alcohol. When he was denied money, he used to beat his wife and daughters. Being fed up of this the mother went to her relative’s house in Shakurpur.

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This is how he was killed

Deceased’s 17-year minor visited his landlord and asked for a way to get rid of his father’s tyranny. the landlord Jitesh Gupta called two boys named Aditya and Nitin alias Tane. They arrived with baseball bats and bamboo stick. If media reports are to be believed, Tane stood guard on the street. Meanwhile, the son along with Aditya entered the house and trashed the alcoholic father. He was passed out under the influence of alcohol. He was beaten to death. The police has arrested all the four accused, including the landlord.


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