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Love wins over religion! Muslim woman marries Hindu man, says, ‘married on my free will’

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Mandsaur, MP: In an incident from Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur, Iqra, a Muslim girl from Rajasthan’s Jodhpur, adopted Sanatan Dharma and married Hindu boy Rahul Verma with Vedic chants. This marriage has gone viral on social media. Iqra converted to Hinduism before marrying. Iqra will now be known as Ishika. The couple married according to Vedic rituals at Mandsaur’s Gayatri Parivar temple.

The love story of Ishika and Rahul Verma is written like a screenplay. Rahul Verma of Mandsaur visited his maternal grandmother’s house in Jodhpur three years ago. Iqra’s house was close by. They had a friendship, and neither of them knew when it turned into love.

They both considered getting married in order to formalise their relationship. Religion stood between them. Rahul’s family members agreed, but Iqra’s family members were opposed to the relationship.

Iqra tried to persuade her family members a lot but was unsuccessful, so she fled her home and reached Udaipur, where they prepared marriage papers.

Later, both of them travelled to Mandsaur, where they first filed their marriage papers with the police station and then married according to Hindu religious customs, as is customary in Sanatan Dharma.

Iqra is very pleased with her marriage. ‘I have now become Ishika,’ she explained. I married Rahul of my own volition. My family members are opposed to the marriage, so we should be given security as well.’

‘Both of us married with each other’s consent,’ Rahul says. ‘We prepared the family members when Iqra agreed to become a Hindu, and my family members were ready.’

Chaitanya Sanatani, who left Islam three months ago, was instrumental in Ishika and Rahul’s marriage. Zafar Sheikh, a Mandsaur resident, is now known as Chaitanya Sanatani. His wife was Hindu, so he converted to Hinduism as well. Iqra, according to Chaitanya Sanatani, converted and married of her own free will.

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