Husband strangles wife for refusing to make love for second time in one night, throws body into forest, files ‘missing’ complaint

Lucknow: In a horrifying instance from Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha, a husband murdered his wife for refusing to engage in physical intimacy for the second time in a night. Not only that, but he threw his wife’s body in the forest to conceal his horrific crime.

Husband Anwar turns into monster after 9 years of marriage

The incident occurred on December 5th. Anwar, 34, married Rukhsar nine years ago in 2013. They both have three children. Both had a strained relationship.

On the evening of December 5, Rukhsar agreed to Anwar’s request for sexual relationship. There was a physical connection between them and then they promptly fell asleep. Later, Anwar woke up and desired to have sex again. She, however, declined.

Anwar got into an argument with Rukhsar about it and a fight erupted between the two. He then strangled his wife to death in a fit of rage.

Not only this, to hide his demonic act, Anwar threw the dead body into a forest 50 kilometres away from their residence.

Accused reported missing case to police

Anwar devised a strategy to conceal his bloodstained hand. He went to the police station and filed a missing person report for his wife. The police discovered the body of an unknown woman a few days after writing the report. The police then summoned Anwar for identification.

During interrogation, Anwar confessed his crime

During the interrogation, the cops began to distrust him. Following that, the cops were harsh on him. He initially attempted to deceive the cops. But he eventually broke down and admitted his crime. He expressed his displeasure with his wife and confessed to murder her.

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