Husband returns home, finds wife sleeping with other man, kills both with an axe

Vishal Angresh, Chandigarh: A sensational incident has occurred in Ateli, Mahendragarh, Haryana. When a man discovered his wife sleeping with another man, he killed both of them with an axe. The accused was apprehended by police in Ateli.

Both of the deceased were Madhya Pradesh residents who worked as migrant labourers in the state of Haryana.

According to reports, 4-5 families from Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh, live on rent in the railway colony of Ateli. These families are here as labourers. Akhilesh lived in these households with his wife Sunita (30). Sunita and Akhilesh do not have any children.

Govind (32) of Madhya Pradesh also lived in this colony in a rented house. Govind had two kids.

Akhilesh had gone to work on Thursday morning. When he returned to his room in the afternoon, he discovered Sunita and Govind sleeping together. He then took up the axe that was lying nearby and stabbed both of them. Sunita and Govind were severely injured as a result of this.

The people in the area gathered when they heard the screams. This was reported to the ambulance and the police.

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When an ambulance arrived, it took both of them to the hospital where the doctors pronounced them both dead.

SP Vikrant Bhushan, DSP Kanina Ranveer Singh, and SHO Santosh Kumar arrived at the scene after receiving information about the double murder.

Akhilesh, the accused, was apprehended by police.

Fear has spread throughout the surrounding area because of the double murder in Ateli.

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