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Two women of village fell for each other, started making physical relation; Read painful end of homosexual love

In our society, same-sex relationships are still frowned upon. People in these interactions are perceived through odd eyes. Even family members request that they alter or turn away for the rest of their lives. Imagine how a homosexual relationship would be perceived by the people of a community. But, regardless of the world, two women fell in love in Changosinga village, Giridih district, Jharkhand, but the result was death.

Sabira and Sonia fell in love

The distance between Sabira Khatoon and Sonia’s house was 100 metres. They used to visit each other’s homes and had no idea when they fell in love. They used to converse for hours. They also had a physical relationship.

The villagers, like the family members, found out about it. Many attempts were made to persuade them, but their love was so strong that they stayed together for four to five years without a concern in the world.

The villagers and family members were concerned after witnessing both’s actions. They could not, however, protest openly.

Both gave their lives for love

However, on Saturday (January 14), the family members went on the offensive and refused to meet with the two. Sabira then grabbed sulfas from the sack of rice and ate it. When Sonia found out about this, she hanged herself. Both said their final goodbyes to the world for the sake of the other.

Police arrived on the scene, performed a post-mortem, and returned the dead bodies to their families. In addition, the entire situation is being probed. However, neither party has filed a formal complaint.

Both stayed together till late at night

You’ll be surprised to learn that Sonia Khatoon was married and was the village’s daughter-in-law, while Sabira was the village’s daughter.

Sonia Khatoon’s mother-in-law, Bibi Mariam Khatoon, stated that their wrongdoing had spread across the village. For a few days, an attempt was made to persuade both of them to keep the subject quiet. However, neither of them agreed.

Sabira Khatoon’s mother also stated that the two used to stay up late together.

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