Heinous! 6 people gang-rape woman in front of husband; Survivor’s condition critical

Ranchi: In a heinous incident from Jharkhand’s Palamu, six people raped a 22-year-old married woman. The police have opened an investigation after receiving a complaint about the incident. Along with this, two of the accused have been arrested, and raids are being carried out to apprehend the others. Satbarwa police station in-charge Rishikesh Kumar Rai sent the victim to MMCH Medininagar for medical examination after the woman’s husband filed a complaint.

The victim’s family members informed the Satbarwa police station in the district that the incident occurred on Saturday night. After a disagreement with her in-laws, the victim woman set out on foot for her maternal home. People came to persuade her to take her back to her in-laws’ house in the evening, but she refused.

After convincing them, the maternal parents sent their daughter and son-in-law to the in-laws’ house. Meanwhile, the victim’s husband requested the presence of his brother-in-law’s brother. Both men began riding their bikes with the woman.

When they got close to the Bhaluahi valley, six unidentified people snatched their phones and bikes and beat up all three of them. The accused raped the woman for four hours. During this time, the victim’s husband was held hostage.

After that, the accused left the victim’s husband there and began riding the bike with the other people, including the woman, to another location.

Meanwhile, the woman began screaming when she saw a car in Sadhwadih village, Manika police station. As a result, the bike became unbalanced and fell. After hearing the noise, the villagers gathered.

The accused were apprehended and beaten by the villagers. Other accused, on the other hand, escaped, leaving the woman’s husband as a hostage. The incident was reported to the police. Police arrived on the scene and apprehended two suspects. Simultaneously, the victim’s husband arrived at the police station late at night and reported the incident.

According to family members, the victim is in critical condition. He has been terrified since last night. A bike involved in the incident has been recovered by Satbarwa police. Concurrently, an investigation into the matter has begun.

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