Groom couldn’t sleep after touching bride on first night, his senses were blown away due to…

In a shocking incident from the Jaithra area of Etah district of Uttar Pradesh, a groom lifted the bride’s veil with great desires on the first night of marriage. But before they kissed, his wife shook him off. She even refused to speak to him. When the truth about the bride came to the fore two days later, the groom was taken aback because it was revealed that his wife was not a woman but a eunuch.

What exactly happened?

A resident of the Jaithra area went to the police station and filed a report. He stated that he would marry on May 3, 2022. The procession had arrived in the Delhi neighbourhood of Shakarpur. They returned home with the bride after the wedding. The marriage pleased everyone.

During the first night, the groom had the opportunity to speak with the bride for the first time. She, however, refused to have a physical relationship. The husband agreed because he expected her to be nervous on the first night.

When the husband tried to persuade his wife to have a relationship the next night, she again refused. After two days, the bride finally told her husband the truth. The wife was, in fact, a eunuch.

After hearing that, the husband was taken aback. He couldn’t sleep for five days.

Was cheatingly married to eunuch

The victim’s husband stated that the family had travelled to Delhi to see the girl. But the truth was hidden from him at the time.

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Not only that, but after learning the truth about his wife, he was in shock for five days.

After that, the mother-in-law and sister-in-law arrived and fled with the jewellery and money.

Not only that, but he was assaulted and threatened to be killed.

Six months of silence due to fear of local law

Due to the victim’s family’s fear of local law, nothing was done for six months. His in-laws, according to the victim, are still bothering him.

Following that, he went to the police station and filed a case against the in-laws, detailing the entire situation.

After learning about the situation, the police launched an investigation.

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