‘Fatwa’ issued against YouTuber Farmani Naaz for singing ‘Har Har Shambhu’

New Delhi: Deobandi Ulema issued a ‘Fatwa’ against a singer named Farmani Naaz for singing “Har Har Shambhu”. The Muslim body cited that it is against “Sharia” law.

Farmani Naaz, a resident of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, sparked the controversy with her music cover hindi song “Har Har Shambhu”. While many are praising her for her beautiful singing and non-stereotypical approach, Deobandi Ulema was seen angry with her.

Farmani Naaz is a YouTube-based singer. Recently, during the Kanwar Yatra, she had uploaded the song cover on YouTube channel by singing Har Har Shambhu Bhajan, which was well-liked by the people. About 6 lakh 23 thousand people have seen this video of him by Monday.

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Farmani had also reached Indian Idol

The YouTube singer brought laurels to Uttar Pradesh on the Indian Idol platform, uploaded a video of her singing the song Har Har Shambhu on July 24.

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On the other hand, Deobandi Ulema , the muslim body, is angry with her. According to reports, Maulana Mufti Arshad Farooqui, chairman of Fatwa Online, said without naming Naz that one should abstain from works for any other religion, because all these are strictly prohibited here. It said Muslims should follow the teachings of their religion like people of other religions and should avoid non-Islamic activities.

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Music has no religion: Farmani

On the other hand, Farmani Naaz, after seeing some comments on her YouTube channel, wrote that singing and music have no religion or religion. She wrote that even lofty singers like Master Salim Mohammad Safi Sahab have sung bhajans. She appealed to the people with folded hands not to confuse singing and music with religion. She has sung more hymns regarding the Kanwar Yatra.




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