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Delhi Stolen Phones End Up In Bangladesh: International Smuggling Exposed

Delhi Police have recently that stolen phones from Delhi are finding their way to Bangladesh.

Edited By : Malika Sahni | Updated: Sep 24, 2023 07:08 IST
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Hundreds of mobile phones are stolen or snatched daily in the capital, Delhi, leaving victims with no recourse but to file a complaint with the police. Law enforcement agencies typically attempt to trace stolen mobile phones using their unique IMEI numbers, and once recovered, these devices are returned to their rightful owners. However, the Delhi Police have recently uncovered a startling revelation concerning stolen mobile phones. Investigations have unveiled that these stolen phones from the capital are finding their way to Bangladesh, and this illicit trade route often involves the state of West Bengal.

Inspector Vishnu Dutt and Head Constable Mohit from the Anti Narcotics Cell stationed in South East Delhi made this sensational discovery. Ordinarily, to track a stolen mobile phone, its IMEI number is placed under surveillance. Law enforcement patiently waits for a SIM card to be activated in the stolen device, enabling them to pinpoint its location. However, red flags were raised when the police encountered difficulties in tracing these phones.

Inspector Vishnu Dutt and Head Constable Mohit of the Anti Narcotics Cell in South East Delhi conducted an in-depth investigation into this perplexing situation. They apprehended two individuals, Akhil Ahmed and Nawab Sharif, who were carrying suspicious bags. Upon searching the bags, they uncovered a staggering 112 mobile phones, many of which were high-end devices. Subsequent interrogation revealed that all these phones had been either stolen or snatched from people in Delhi-NCR.

Further police investigation unveiled that these stolen mobile phones were being dispatched to neighbouring Bangladesh via the Bluedart courier service through West Bengal. To date, 160 parcels have been sent to Bangladesh, each containing 14 phones. The perpetrators have successfully shipped 2,240 mobile phones worth an estimated Rs 5 crore to the neighbouring country.

Police discovered that Akhil Ahmed operated a mobile phone repair shop, where, along with his partner, he purchased stolen and snatched mobile phones before sending them to Bangladesh. Authorities believe that this syndicate operates at an international level. Following the apprehension of one of the associates, Sabir Sardar, in West Bengal, the police are actively searching for individuals who supplied stolen mobile phones to these criminals for their illicit activities.

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First published on: Sep 24, 2023 07:06 AM IST

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