Bihar: Shopkeeper rapes 3-yr-old girl, flees after victim started bleeding

Patna: A 3-year-old girl was raped allegedly by a shopkeeper in her neighborhood who tempted her with a biscuits and then assuaulted her sexually in his shop. The Police have arrested the man within two hours of initiating the probe.

As per local media reports, the incident took place in locality of Khagaria Municipal Council area of ​​Bihar on Tuesday evening. The girl went to the shopkeeper to buy a packet of biscuits. The shopkeeper made her sit on his lap and gave him biscuits to eat.

After which, the accused raped the three-year-old brutally. He abandoned the girl outside the shop as she started bleeing and ran away.

However, the girl reached her home but fainted in a while. Her family took her immediately to the hospital in a critical condition.

If local media reports are to be believed, nobody had attended the girl when she was taken to the hospital. Following which, former Municipal President and RJD leader Manohar Kumar Yadav reached Sadar Hospital late on Tuesday night and called for a doctor.

Thereafter, a female doctor reached the hospital to attend the girl.

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