Bengaluru: SUV Car Goes Crazy, Almost Topples 4 Bikers | WATCH

After Rohini's DTC bus accident, another uncontrolled SUV car accident surfaces internet, this time from Bengaluru.

Edited By : Riwa Singh | Updated: Nov 13, 2023 16:10 IST
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Bengaluru: The Silicon City of India witnessed a bizarre accident on Monday and netizens can’t stop reacting to the same. What does an accident mean in your dictionary? A mishap? Some sudden occurrence that causes harm? If you watch this video, it doesn’t look like a mishap but something that usually happens in Rohit Shetty movies.

An SUV car rammed into three bikes near the Kalena Agrahara area in Bengaluru on Monday, injuring four in the process who almost ended up toppling by it as one of the bikers was seen flinging onto another car’s bonnet.

Not only was the driver unserious about driving on streets but he also wasn’t bothered to get down and see what his driving skills have caused to the other commuters. He chose the infamous hit-and-run process.

Meanwhile, a complaint has been registered after the incident was captured in a dashcam installed in a car behind this SUV car. Netizens wish the government to stress more strict driving rules after seeing the video.

A similar incident happened in Delhi’s Rohini a few days ago when a DTC bus ran out of control and crushed a dozen two-wheelers parked near the stand including a car running on the road. One died in this accident.

It was later revealed that the bus driver suffered a heart attack and hence lost control of the vehicle causing that accident that killed one.

First published on: Nov 13, 2023 04:10 PM IST

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