Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Ashgar returns home from abroad, two wives start fighting fiercely

New Delhi: If a man has two wives then it is certain that there will be a fight. Something similar happened in Jamui, Bihar. Here a fierce fight broke out between two wives of a man. The incident is from Mahisouri area of Jamui. Here two women clashed and the high voltage drama continued for a long time.

Crowd kept watching

Both the wives of that man kept fighting in front of Bihar and Bengal police. They kicked and punched each other. A large crowd gathered to watch the incident. The crowd did not tried to free them rather they were keenly watching the entire incident.

Police reached Bihar from West Bengal

The woman from Asansol in West Bengal registered a complaint. The police had reached Jamui in Bihar to arrest her husband. During this, Asansol police reached the house of the woman’s husband with the help of Jamui police.

Wives were fighting in front of police

Both the wives of the man clashed in front of the police and a scuffle broke out. Both of them thrashed each other with slippers and threw kicks and punches at each other.

As per the information, a person named Asghar, a resident of Mahisaudhi, has two wives. First wife Nasreen Parveen and second wife Neha Parveen. Asghar first married Nasreen Parveen, with whom he has 2 children.

Ashgar met second wife in Asansol

After a few years of marriage, Asghar married Neha Parveen. It is being told that Asghar and Neha met in Asansol. After marriage to Neha, everything went well for a few days and during this time Asghar went abroad for a job.

Bengal police returned empty handed

As soon as Asghar went abroad, his second wife Neha Parveen went to her maternal home in Asansol. Meanwhile, Neha Parveen reached Asghar’s house on Sunday evening with Jamui police on the information of Asghar coming back from abroad. As soon as the police reached the house, the fight started between the two women. In the end the Bengal Police returned empty handed.

In this matter, Jamui DSP Dr. Rakesh Kumar told that this matter has come to the notice. On the complaint of a woman from Bengal, the Bengal Police had come here and went to Asghar’s house to investigate. During this, there was a clash between his two wives. Since the Bengal Police did not have any arrest warrant, she went back.

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