How our diet can impact memory

Although you might be familiar with the statement, "you are what you eat", the food you consume could also impact your memory, suggests a new study.

Poor sleep may up Alzheimer's in elderly

Poor sleep among older adults has been associated with Alzheimer's, suggesting that good sleep habits may help preserve brain health, finds a new study.

These foods will give you great hair: Don't miss

The market is full of hair care products, but to amplify their results, it is first essential to make dietary changes to include vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth and reduce hair fall significantly, suggest experts.

Zinc deficiency may lead to high blood pressure: Study

Lower-than-normal levels of zinc in the body may contribute to high blood pressure by altering the way the kidneys handle sodium, a study warned Thursday.

Fried chicken, fish linked to increased risk of early death: Study

Regularly eating fried chicken or fish is associated with a higher risk of death from any cause, specifically heart-related mortality, according to a study on postmenopausal women in the US.

BIG NEWS Consent of parents must for vaccination

The Delhi high court made it clear to the AAP government on Tuesday that the risks of administering measles and rubella vaccine had to be indicated in their advertisements on the vaccination drive to be held in schools, and said express consent of the parent was necessary to vaccinate a child.

This is how fasting will improve your overall health

Fasting may not be just a religious or political practice. It may actually protect you against age-related diseases and improve your overall health, researchers say.

This is to be blamed for childhood cancer

A team of researchers has thrown light on the community beliefs about what causes cancer in children, an area which remains understudied, finds a latest research.

Policeman's son breaks doctor's nose, emergency services affected in Safdarjung Hospital

Emergency services at Safdarjung Hospital here were affected on Sunday as the resident doctors stayed away from work alleging one of their colleagues was manhandled by a Delhi Police head constable's son who had come for treatment. According to police, son of head constable Vinod -who is posted at Safdarjung Enclave police station, Akshay Kumar (24), was taken to the hospital on Sunday morning after he complained of abdominal pain.

Modi''s bumper gift for you, 3 new AIIMS

The Cabinet on Thursday approved setting up of three new AIIMS -- two in Jammu and Kashmir and one in Gujarat -- under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana (PMSSY) scheme, an official release said.

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