Update on Gold Price: Still chance to buy Gold Rs 2,300 cheaper; rate hits Rs 31,505 per 10 gram

Update on Gold Price: There is some good news for individuals who buy gold and silver during the wedding season. During the wedding season, the price of yellow metal continues to rise at a rapid pace. The first day of this work week also saw a significant increase in the prices of gold and silver. On Monday, gold became more expensive at Rs 198 per 10 gramme, while silver jumped by Rs 1330 per kg. On Monday, gold ended at Rs 54,000 per 10 gramme and silver at Rs 65,800 per kg. People can currently purchase gold for around Rs 2,300 per 10 gram and silver for Rs 14,200 per kg.

Gold (Gold Price) closed at Rs 53656 per kg on Monday, the first trading day of current trading week, an increase of Rs 198 per 10 gram. On the other hand, gold gained by Rs 475 per 10 gram on Friday and concluded at Rs 53656 per 10 gram.

Along with gold, the price of silver increased significantly on Monday. Silver rose Rs 1330 to Rs 65764 per kilogramme. On the other hand, on Friday’s previous trading day, silver finished at Rs 64434 per kg, an increase of Rs 1131 per kg.

14 to 24 carat gold price

As a result, 24-carat gold priced Rs 198 more to Rs 53,854, 23-carat gold cost Rs 197 more to Rs 53,638, 22-carat gold cost Rs 181 more to Rs 49,330, 18-carat gold cost Rs 149 more to Rs 40,391 and 14-carat gold cost Rs. Gold increased in price by Rs 116, closing at Rs 31505 per 10 gram.

Gold is down Rs 2,300 and silver is down Rs 14200 from all-time highs.

Gold is currently selling for Rs 2346 per 10 gram less than its all-time high. Let us remind you that gold reached an all-time high in August 2020. At the time, gold had reached a price of Rs 56200 per ten kilos. Silver, on the other hand, was falling below its all-time low of Rs 14216 per kilogramme. Silver’s all-time high price is Rs 79980 per kilogramme.

Do not put off purchasing gold

According to bullion market specialists, there is still plenty of time left in the wedding season. In such a case, the price of gold and silver will continue to rise in the following days. Furthermore, these experts believe that the price of gold will shortly approach or exceed its all-time high in the new year 2023. In such a case, if you have a wedding here as well and want to acquire gold, do it as soon as feasible. In order for you to profit.

During the wedding season, gold and silver prices continue to fluctuate. Gold and silver prices fluctuate between rising and falling. As a result, during the wedding season, jewellery buyers are at a loss as to when it is appropriate to purchase gold and silver, i.e. when it is cheaper. Meanwhile, the prices of gold and silver have risen this business week.

Update on Gold Price: Know current price via Missed call

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