No Indian city in top 20 cities with most number of billionaires

New Delhi: Today we are going to share a report with you. The report is prepared by Hanley and Partners which reveals the name of cities having the most number of billionaires.

The report tells us that there has been 12 decrease in billionaires list. As per this report, New York is at the top of this list where most number of billionaires reside. Moreover, the report also says that the top ten cities are from USA. In New York, 3.45 lakh millionaires live and 59 billionaires.

Tokyo is the second city which has the highest number of billionaires having 3.04 lakh millionaires and 12 billionaires. Sanfransico is the third city where most number of billionaires live. There are around 62 millionaires. London is the fourth city where billionaires have found their home. 2.72 lakh millionaires and 38 billionaires. Singopore is at the fifth number. THere are around 2.49 lakh millionaires and 26 billionaires.

There is no India city which have higher number of billionaires. No Indian city has been able to make it to the top 20 cities of the billionaires.

The report also highlights this is happening even after India has significant number of billionaires and the list is going up sharply. India has around 72 billionaires. Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are the home of these billionaires.

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