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Kerala Gets Its First 3D-Print Building Built In 28 days

Kerala's first building built using 3D printing technology named Amaze-28 has been inaugurated by revenue minister K Rajan.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: Oct 11, 2023 12:37 IST
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Kerala's 3D- Print Building
Kerala's 3D- Print Building

Named Amaze-28, Kerala’s first building built using 3D printing technology has been inaugurated. Inaugurated by revenue minister K Rajan on Tuesday, the building, with a 380 sq ft, one-room summer house is in Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra (Kesnik) campus at PTP Nagar of Thiruvananthapuram.

Designed as a demonstration project, Amaze-28 is a model that was completed in just 28 days. The project was completed by Kera State Nirmiti Kerndra with the support of Tvasta, a Chennai-based construction tech start-up launched by some IIT-Madras alumni.

Kerala state Nirmiti Kendram director Debi Varghese said that they had enquiries from various government and private agencies, and added they were planning to commercialise and make popular the 3D printing technology.
“3D printing is layer-by-layer printing. In 3D printing basically, there are 3 processing. First is data processing, second is material processing and 3rd is robotic printing. In material processing what we do is when you have an object or structure we convert that into a 3D model,” Varghese said.

Varghese added the building was named ‘Amaze 28’ as it was constructed in a record 28 days.
“The printing took only 28 hours and balance is like fixing the windows and the roof is conventional. Everything is completed in 28 days which is why we have called it base 28 it’s an amazing technology. Whatever you can do with conventional technology 3D can do. The public can come and make use of it… Lots of people across the Kerala are coming to watch and see the technology. Government officials as well as students and technical people from the construction field are also coming. They are all satisfied,” Varghese added.

“Its speciality is basically the speed. We can complete 380 square feet of building in 28 days. In conventional it takes a minimum 3 to 4 times compared to this. Time also costs. That is the advantage. Another thing is the flexibility in design. Any complex design you can decide on using this technology. You must have seen the construction it is perfect. Suppose if you do it in the conventional way you don’t have the skill, throughout the building you won’t get the uniformity.”

Another advantage of 3D technology is that the wastage is almost nil.
“If you do the computerised way and the end of the day there is no waste,” Varghese explained.
The ‘Amaze-28’ building will likely be used as a conference hall.

“It’s like a training centre you can convert. We are going to commercialise the whole thing, we are getting enquiries from the private sector as well as the government sector. KIIFB is planning to give some work for us, those discussions are in the final stage. ISRO is going to give us some work, private sector also showing some interest,” Varghese added.

Source: ANI

First published on: Oct 11, 2023 12:34 PM IST

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