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Govt’s asset monetisation in FY23 at Rs 33,422 cr so far; Coal Ministry tops list with Rs 17,000 cr

New Delhi: The government has so far monetised assets worth Rs 33,422 crore through the National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP) in 2022-23, with the Coal Ministry topping the list with Rs 17,000 crore and the Ports and Shipping Ministry exceeding its overall budgetary objective, as per media reports.

The government completed transactions worth Rs 1 lakh crore in 2021–2022, exceeding the program’s first-year objective of Rs 88,000 crore.

On November 14, Nirmala Sitharaman, the minister of finance, met with Parameswaran Iyer, the CEO of Niti Aayog, to discuss the implementation of the NMP.

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Sources said that the government’s most recent assessment indicates that it will be difficult to reach its overall asset monetisation goal of Rs 1,62,422 crore in 2022–2023, which is expected to result in a shortfall of Rs 38,243 crore.

“Likely realisation from asset monetisation under NMP in the current fiscal has been now estimated at Rs 1,24,179 crore,” they said.

According to sources, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is on track to meet the asset monetisation objective, while the Ministry of Coal, the Ministry of Mines, and the Ministry of Ports and Shipping are likely to exceed it.

The Ministries of Power, Railways, Civil Aviation, and Oil and Gas are probably going to miss the mark.

The Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways has so far achieved a monetisation value of Rs 4,100 crore against the overall target of Rs 32,855 crore in the current fiscal, whereas the Ministry of Coal has so far achieved a monetisation value of Rs 17,000 crore, against an overall monetisation target of Rs 30,000 crore in 2022-23.

Only 411 out of the anticipated 7,299 crores have been raised by the Civil Aviation Ministry so far in the current fiscal year.

Also Read – Govt’s asset monetisation in FY23 at Rs 33,422 cr so far; Coal Ministry tops list with Rs 17,000 cr

The Ministry of Power has so far met its monetary goal of Rs 2,000 crore against its overall fiscal year aim of Rs 15,308 crore, while the Ministry of Railways has raised Rs 1,829 crore so far compared to its whole fiscal year target of Rs 30,000 crore.

According to sources, the government is thinking about making ministries’ budgetary support subject to monetisation.

Additionally, ministries have been challenged to identify new asset classes in order to meet their goals.

According to sources, states with a monetisation basis that have been chosen as focus states include Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Odisha.

State expressways, motorways, transmission networks, urban terminals, and state warehouses are all considered potential assets in these states.

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