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Gold, silver price today: Gold slips by Rs1,700, silver by Rs12,000! Get deal done!

Gold, silver price today: This is vital news for you if you intend to purchase gold and silver jewellery. Silver and gold are both steadily increasing in price. In addition to gold, silver had a significant increase in price on the second day of this trading week. On Tuesday, the price of silver increased significantly by Rs 951 per kilogramme, while the price of gold increased by Rs 257 per 10 grammes. Following this, the price of gold per 10 grammes reached Rs 54500 on Tuesday. Silver, on the other hand, ended the day at almost Rs 68000 per kg.

People can still purchase silver at cheaper rate of Rs 12,000 per kg and gold for Rs 1,700 every 10 grammes. If the bullion market’s analysts are to be believed, the period of rising gold and silver prices may continue.

Gold (Gold Price Update) closed at a price of Rs 54505 per 10 gram on Tuesday, the first day of current trading week, with a gain of Rs 250 per 10 grammes. On the other hand, on Monday, the final trading day, gold increased in price by Rs 250 per 10 grammes and concluded at Rs 5424.

Along with the price of gold, silver (Gold Price Update) also increased on Monday. The closing price of silver was Rs. 67849 per kg, up Rs. 951. The price of silver decreased by Rs 883 per kg and concluded at Rs 66898 per kg on Monday, the first trading day.


14 to 24 carat gold rate

Thus, on Tuesday, 24 carat gold became costlier by Rs 257 to Rs 54505, 23 carat gold by Rs 249 to Rs 54287, 22 carat gold by Rs 229 to Rs 49927, 18 carat gold by Rs 187 to cost Rs 40879 and 14 carat gold It became costlier by Rs 146 and closed at Rs 31885 per 10 grams.

Gold down by Rs1700, silver by Rs12,000 from their all-time highs

Gold is currently selling for Rs 11695 per 10 grammes less than it did at its peak. Let me inform you that gold reached its peak in August 2020. At that point, the price of gold per 10 kilos had increased to Rs 56200. On the other hand, silver was becoming more affordable than it had ever been, costing Rs. 12131 per kg. Silver’s all-time high price is Rs. 79980 per kilogramme.

Do not wait to purchase gold

The wedding season will continue for quite some time after Kharmas, along with Makar Sankranti on January 14, according to bullion market specialists. In such a scenario, the price of gold and silver will continue to rise over the next few days. Additionally, according to these individuals, the price of gold will soon reach or surpass its maximum level in the new year of 2023. If you have a wedding here as well and wish to buy gold in this situation, do it as soon as you can. in order for you to gain something.

Throughout the wedding season, the price of gold and silver fluctuates. Gold and silver values fluctuate, sometimes rising and other times falling. Due to this, jewellery purchasers during the wedding season are unsure about the best time to purchase gold and silver, even if it would be more affordable. Silver and gold prices have risen as of the beginning of this work week.


Know rate via missed call

You can leave a missed call at 8955664433 to learn the retail price of 22 and 18 carat gold jewellery. Soon you’ll receive an SMS with the rates. Additionally, for ongoing updates, check out or

Check purity of gold

The government has created an app that allows you to do this if you want to check the purity of gold right now. Customers can check the purity of gold using the BIS Care app. You can not only examine the purity of gold with this app, but you can also file a complaint against it.

24 carat gold

Let us inform you that while 24 carat gold is thought to be the finest, jewellery cannot be manufactured from it due to its extreme softness. Due to this, most jewellery and other pieces of jewellery are made of 22-carat gold. While 22 carat gold is roughly 91 percent pure, 24 carat gold is 99.9 percent pure. While 24 carat gold is brilliant, jewellery can only be manufactured from 22 carat gold by adding 9% additional metals, such as copper, silver, and zinc. Because of this, most store owners only sell 22-carat gold.

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