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CoinDhan: A Reliable Crypto Trading Platform for New and Professional Traders

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CoinDhan Reliable Crypto for Trading Platform


While blockchain technology provides cryptocurrencies with a sense of transparency and safety, the crypto space is not devoid of thefts, scams, and other risks of losses. Despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in India, not all investors are still convinced of the safety of the crypto market. CoinDhan, an emerging crypto exchange promises complete security from all kinds of fraudulent transactions and wallet thefts to the institutional traders, coming out as a credible choice.

CoinDhan is the brainchild of its CEO Sagar Goyal and CTO Rohit Jindal who hold their degrees in B.Tech from NIT Jaipur and  IIT Hyderabad respectively. Having a work experience of 7 years as a software engineer in Amazon, USA, Sagar was soon driven to the crypto space owing to its exceptional growth potential. Since 2016, he has been deeply involved in crypto during which he noticed the lack of reliable crypto exchanges focusing on industrial needs in a growing crypto player like India. From this realization, Sagar decided to build his exchange CoinDhan, joining hands with Rohit. The duo together bootstrapped to bring innovation to the Indian crypto market.

Sagar and Rohit have been working tirelessly to make CoinDhan a reality. Based out of Gurgaon, the firm levies strict KYC requirements to make their exchange platform fraud-proof. Their world-class blockchain surveillance system is dedicated to preventing money laundering threats and detecting suspicious transactions. They are putting extensive efforts to establish a one-stop solution for institutional traders. The platform offers instant INR withdrawals which are advantageous for institutional investors. At the same time, they have dedicated relationship managers to make the crypto investing experience more appealing to investors and traders. Additionally, the high liquidity rate of their platform provides investors with a sense of stability in the market.

CoinDhan is dedicatedly working towards making the crypto world a safer space for retail and institutional traders. One of the major attractions of cryptocurrencies is that their protocol is built on a decentralized technology like blockchain. Therefore, the crypto market is free from any kind of institutional manipulation like change in the interest rate or market policies. However, this decentralized or distributed nature also comes with a disadvantage like the absence of any regulatory authority and consumer protection. Potential thefts and scams are a prevailing concern in the crypto market which is increasing with every passing day. Without any legal backing, it becomes the responsibility of the traders to safeguard their cryptocurrencies. Scams like doubling scams, phishing scams, imposter & giveaway scams, investment scams, fake ICO scams, etc have become rampant in the crypto market. Considering it all, CoinDhan has devised proven methods to have a safe trading environment that mitigates the risks involved.

In the latest Budget, the Government has not only introduced a new crypto taxation regime but also hinted at the introduction of the country’s own digital rupee. Budget 2022 has been a milestone for the Indian crypto market as, through the mention of crypto, it has brought cryptocurrencies closer to legal status in the country. On top of that, the new digital money will open a new door of possibilities before the Indian crypto space and push the Indian economy to further digitization. Given this development, Coindhan will be a close alliance to the government’s vision for a safer crypto space in the country.

As the Government of India is now planning to bring cryptocurrencies under the umbrella of Goods and Services Tax (GST), CoinDhan’s exchange platform is designed to be 100% GST compliant so that the traders do not have to face any taxation issues. In addition, to bring ease to the process, the firm is also providing personalized tax assistance free of cost so that the traders face no issues in terms of the new laws.

The Indian Government is seeking to regulate the Indian crypto market in the near future. In view of that, CoinDhan is ready to provide more opportunities to the institutional traders following all the regulatory measures. Within less than a year of its inception, the exchange platform has already built a strong team of 15 and is looking forward to 100X growth in the coming years riding on their secured crypto trading services.

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