Business with small investment: Government-sponsored scheme can help you

Business with small investment: If you want to start your own business and have the confidence to leave the job and do something better and different, you should look into some new ideas to try your hand at. While there are numerous business opportunities available today, the government encourages people to become entrepreneurs.

The government has also established a fund to assist startups, and if you, too, want to start a business with a small investment, this government-sponsored scheme can assist you in making your business dreams a reality.

Have you heard of Common Services Centers?

You’ve probably heard of Common Service Centers (CSC), a Government of India entity overseen by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. CSC has invited people who want to earn lakhs by becoming business owners to apply.

CSC has informed people that if they want to become owners of a mini theatre/cinema hall by investing a small amount, they must fill out a free form. According to CSC, a cinema hall can be purchased for around Rs 7.5 lakh and can earn up to Rs 5 lakh per month.

According to the information provided in the form, if you want to become a cinema owner, you must have 1000 – 2000 square feet (sq. ft.) of space to set up the cinema complex. This location can be your own or rented. The building’s ceiling height should be around 15 feet.

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The information shared on CSC’s Twitter handle may be useful to you. Take note of this once. You were told what would be required and the purpose of doing this work, which was also explained.

According to the CSC, one can increase their income by establishing food courts, fun zones, and other commercial activities near cinemas. According to the CSC, rural cinema owners will be allowed to release any film on the same day it is released in city multiplexes.

Can obtain a bank loan

Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria can also obtain loans from banks such as the State Bank of India, the Punjab National Bank (PNB), and others. You can get a business loan if you are eligible, and if you only need a small amount, you can apply under the Mudra scheme.

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