Amazon fires 10,000 employees amid ‘largest job cuts’, biggest layoff in company’s history

Amazon fires 10,000 employees: Amazon plans to lay off about 10,000 staff in its corporate and technology areas beginning this week. The corporation would have made the biggest employment layoffs even if this were to go through, as per a report by the New York Times.

According to the report, job layoffs are anticipated in Amazon’s devices section, which includes Alexa the voice assistant, as well as in its retail sector and human resources.

In reality, letting go of 10,000 individuals would amount to less than 1% of Amazon’s more than 1.5 million global workforce, primarily made up of hourly workers, and about 3% of its corporate staff.

The corporation has historically emphasised stability throughout the holiday season, which is when this projected reduction in workforce will take place. This demonstrates how Amazon has had to reduce business due to the weakening global economy.

With this move, Amazon will join the list of recent IT juggernauts to lay off staff.

Amazon fires 10,000 employees

Ironically, the e-commerce giant recently increased the cash compensation cap for its tech employees by more than twice as much in an effort to keep workers in a tight labour market.

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Layoffs have been prompted by shifting business strategies and the impending global economic recession in all internet companies.

The corporation trimmed its headcount by about 80,000 individuals between April and September, mostly by attrition among its hourly staff.

Amazon recently shut down its Amazon Care division, which offered primary and emergency medical care services. Scout, the cooler-sized home delivery robot, and were both shutdown. Amazon stopped hiring for a number of its smaller teams in September.

Additionally, the corporation ceased filling more than 10,000 unfilled positions in its primary retail division in October of this year. Additionally, it ceased corporate hiring nationwide for the upcoming few months two weeks ago.

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