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7th Pay Commission latest news: will Central Govt employees get salary hike, clarifies minister in RS; know details

7th Pay Commission latest news: The Central government on Tuesday reverted on a query on the disbursement of 18-month dearness allowance to Central government employees. The remark was provided in response to a question during the Question Period on why the government hasn’t released the last of lakhs of employees’ outstanding arrears. Pankaj Choudhary, the minister of state for finance, responded in front of the chamber. This is significant because as part of the 7th Pay Commission raise, the Central government was compelled to respond to DA.

Since 2020, the Central Government employees have been pleading with the government to discharge the 18-month arrears.

In response to the concerns, the minister stated that the government made the decision to withhold three tranches of the retirees’ dearness allowance due to the coronavirus pandemic. He informed the House that the government was under financial strain as a result of the lockdown brought on by the coronavirus. This resulted from the government’s investment in welfare programmes to lessen the havoc the coronavirus had caused to people’s lives and businesses.


7th Pay Commission latest news:

They were unable to release the funds as a result.

The government hasn’t issued the DA dues of the Central government employees because the financial hardship persisted even after the coronavirus outbreak subsided.

In September 2022, the central government raised the DA allowance to 38%. Employees of the Central Government must wait 18 months for a pending DA, though.

Between January 2020 and June 2021, this demand persisted for the previous 18 months. The government has received memos from numerous staff unions, but the DA hasn’t been made public.

However, the administration hasn’t given any assurances that the pending DA will be released.

The workers are resolute about the demand, claiming that by reporting to work during the pandemic, they put their lives in danger.

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