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MotoGP Bharat 2023: Ola To Showcase Its Concept EV Diamondhead

In addition to showcasing their electric motorcycles, Ola Electric serves as an industry partner for MotoGP Bharat.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Sep 23, 2023 18:48 IST
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Ola's Diamondhead
Ola's Diamondhead

Ola Electric is set to unveil its latest electric motorcycle concepts, including the Diamondhead, Adventure, Cruiser, and Roadster, at the MotoGP Bharat 2023 event. These exciting models will be showcased at Ola Electric’s stall in the Fanzone. It is anticipated that at least one of these electric motorcycles will make its debut in the Indian market by the conclusion of 2024.

In addition to showcasing their electric motorcycles, Ola Electric serves as an industry partner for MotoGP Bharat. They have generously supplied 150 electric scooters for various mobility purposes around the race track, including marshall support.

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Anshul Khandelwal, the Chief Marketing Officer at Ola Electric, expressed enthusiasm for this momentous occasion, stating, “It is an exciting time for motorsports in India. Much like MotoGP represents the pinnacle of two-wheeler racing, Ola embodies the best of EV two-wheelers. As we venture into the world of motorcycles, we are thrilled to participate in a global motorsports event where we can showcase the future of motorcycling and share Ola’s vision, engineering, and technology on a global stage. I am confident that our presence will ignite enthusiasm for our entry into the motorcycle market and excite people about the future of electric motorcycles, not only in India but around the world.”

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Meanwhile, Ola Electric is actively testing the beta version of Move OS 4, with the beta rollout already underway for eligible customers. The stable version is expected to be released next month for all users. The Move OS 4 will introduce Ola Maps, enhancing the overall user experience. Ola Electric has also made notable improvements in features such as regeneration, hill hold, charging time prediction, charging efficiency, and riding range. Additionally, Hypercharging and various other aspects like document syncing, contact syncing, pairing, and touch response have been significantly enhanced for a more streamlined experience.

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