Matter Electric Motorcycle: India’s First Sports Electric Bike

New Delhi: Matter Electric Motorcycle: Matter has introduced its new electric bike in the Indian market. However, the company has not removed the veil from its name and price. Today we will tell you about all the features and specifications of this new e-bike.

Before we proceed, it is important to mention here that all these specifications have been given by the company. We’ll let you know how this bike fares when we review it. We haven’t checked them yet. so we’ll see

It is India’s first electric motorcycle that comes with a liquid-cooled battery, gearbox and ABS functionality.

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There are a total of 4 modes available in this e-bike. These include Eco, City, Ride and Park Assist.

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The bike comes with 4 gears

What makes this e-bike different is the transmission included in it. This means that you will get the same riding experience in this one as on a motorcycle with an internal combustion engine.

How much range do you get?

According to the company’s claim, it will get a range of 125 to 150 km. However, when the company reveals its variants, then it will be known which range will be available in which variant.

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How powerful is the battery?

One of the biggest features of this e-bike is the liquid-cooled motor that is included in it. It has a certified IP67 battery with a capacity of 5 kwh. Its battery is not affected by water and dust.


The motor built into it will generate a constant power of 10.5 kW. At the same time, a torque of 520 Nm will be available on its tires. Both the battery and the motor in it are IP67 certified. This means they will not be affected by water and dust.

How long will it take to charge?

You will be able to charge this e-bike via a regular 5A socket. This bike fully charges in 5 hours.


It has a 7-inch touchscreen compatible LCD display. A keyless option is also available.

What will the costs be?

The company has not yet announced its price. The company is expected to announce its price between January and March next year.

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