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Keeway SR125: THIS solid bike has come to break into 125 cc segment, know details

Keeway SR125: The 125cc segment bikes are the most popular in the Indian market. Keeway India recently launched its Keeway SR 125cc bike in the Indian market on Diwali, aimed at this segment. With its short fenders and round tail-light, this bike looks completely different as it prepares to enter the 125cc segment.

The company has begun booking. Preparations are in full swing so that it can be delivered to as many people as possible on Diwali.

According to the information, Keeway India’s new bike is retro-style. This bike is available in three different colours: white, black, and red.

According to bike design experts, its design is quite simple in comparison to other cars in this segment on the market.

What makes Keeway SR125 unique in 125cc segment?

It has an engine kill switch, a digital round instrument cluster, a single piece seat configuration, a chrome finish, telescopic front suspension, and dual shock rear absorbers.

The bike was introduced to the market with dual purpose tyres and black finished spoke wheels.

It has a 14.5-litre fuel tank in the shape of a tear drop. In addition, there is a single-pod colour digital display. The bike has a small halogen headlight and a very small tail section.

This motorcycle costs Rs 1.19 lakh (ex-showroom). As a result, it is one of the most expensive bikes in the 125cc class.

Keeway SR125 features

  • 125 cc single cylinder engine
  • Generates 10.05 bhp power and 8.9 Nm torque
  • Five gearbox driveway and 125 cc braking system
  • 300 mm disc brake at the front and 210 mm disc brake at the rear
  • 120 kg total weight
  • Dual shock absorbers at the rear and traditional forks at the front
  • 17 inch wire spoke wheels

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