Keep your bike engine fit with THESE easy tips; Check here

New Delhi: The number of people traveling daily by two-wheelers in the country is considerable. In which mileage bike is used the most, so that the pocket budget remains correct. But in this rush, forget to take care of your bike. Due to which the mileage of the bike also deteriorates due to damage. We are going to tell you some easy ways, by which you can avoid this loss as well. Also your bike will run smoothly for years.

Don’t do this mistake

Most of the people make this mistake after buying a new bike. A manual book is given along with the purchase of a new bike. People who consider it useless, never even read it, don’t even see it. In this manual book, all companies are told how to use and maintain their products properly. Which is very important for you to know.

Take care of engine oil

Engine oil acts as the blood of your vehicle. If the engine oil in your bike will be changed on time, then the engine of your bike will remain in the right condition and will continue to work with full power. The best way to check whether it is good or bad is to check it with your finger. If there is grease left in it, then it is working properly and the grease is gone. So without delay it should be replaced immediately.

Take care of tires

It is also necessary to take care of the tires of the bike. Tires in good condition are not only good for your safety. Rather, the mileage of the bike is also affected. If the tires of your bike are worn, then they should be changed immediately.

Chain check required

The bike has a stiff chain connecting the engine and the wheel. If it goes wrong, your journey will come to a standstill. That’s why keep cleaning it on time and keep lubrication in it, for this keep using grease or any good lubricant. Due to which there will be no rust in it and you will also be able to continue your journey by being tension free.
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