How to inspect car’s suspension & steering? Know here

New Delhi: There are many precautions that need to be taken while buying a used car. The buyer of the car must check its engine, steering, gearbox, clutch plate and suspension because if there is any defect in them, then it can cost a lot to get it repaired. If this happens then you must think that I wish you had checked the car properly before buying the car. However, you cannot check all these in detail yourself, but you can check them broadly. So let us tell you how to check the suspension and steering of the car.

How to check suspension of car?

Take the car on a rough road. Notice here that there is no sound of any kind coming from the front part of the car. If the sound is coming then it can be from the car arm, shockers, link rod, jumping rod, shocker mount etc. All these are part of the suspension itself. The sound coming from the suspension is not good. If its sound reaches inside the car, then understand that the suspension needs to be repaired. Sometimes it happens that the sound ends only after changing one part, but sometimes it also happens that the entire suspension has to be replaced. If the entire suspension setup is new, then it will cost more.

How to check car steering?

If you want to test the steering of the car, then first take the car on the plane surface and then apply the handbrake of the car. After this turn off the AC of the car but leave the ignition on. Also close all the windows of the car. Keep the music system off too so that there is peace in the car. When this is done, turn the steering fully on both sides (right side and left side). While doing this, notice that no sound is coming. If the sound is coming then it needs repairing.

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