Electric Car Range: Maximum range to be available in single charge, Follow tips

EV Range Boost By Easy Tips: The trend of electric cars is increasing rapidly in the market and the reason behind this is that people now want to cover long distances at low cost.

The best means for this is an electric car because electric cars offer you the best mileage in almost half the cost of petrol diesel cars.

They find it difficult to compete, although there are times when you do not get enough range while driving an electric car. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you such a trick, due to which you can get the maximum range of electric car.

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Don’t forget to overload

If you have a big electric car like an electric SUV, then you should try not to sit more than two or three passengers in your electric car because if you will use the full capacity of the electric car, then the pressure on the electric motor while driving it will be a lot. increases too much. As a result, your electric car consumes more battery than necessary and the range which is 100 kms reduces to 60 or 70.

So you get to see a big difference in range if you want to have such a car. If the problem is not with you, then you should always travel in an electric car with two or three people, so you can travel long distances. The range can be easily increased in this manner.

Drive electric car in economy mode

You must have seen economy mode in your motorcycle or car. If you drive your car in this mode, then you get the highest mileage, similarly if you maintain a speed of 40 kmph to 50 kmph in an electric car, then the chances of this increase significantly.

That you will get a good range. This is because the more you increase the speed, the more battery is consumed. If you want the battery consumption to be minimal, then you will have to drive your electric car in economy mode only. If you follow these tips, then you can definitely get the best range out of the car you like.


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