Car tips: Most appropriate way to clean Windscreen, Know here!

New Delhi: The windscreen fitted in the car is very important. Which protects the passengers riding in the car from strong wind. But dirt also accumulates on it very quickly and it has to be cleaned again and again. But sometimes careless cleaning puts scratches on it. Due to which it is very difficult to see outside. That’s why today we are going to tell you about some such tips, by adopting which you can always keep the windscreen of your vehicle shining.

Choose the right glass cleaner

Always use a good brand of glass cleaner to clean the windscreen of your vehicle. Because there are many ammonia-based cleaners available in the market, which harm the glass. That’s why always choose a cleaner without ammonia and always buy water based cleaner.

Use a microfibre cloth for cleaning

Always use a microfibre cloth to clean the car glass. It is manufactured from polyester. This cloth can clean every single particle of dust. Also you can clean the lower part of the wiper with it. Always use a separate microfibre cloth to polish the windscreen, which does not scratch the glass.

Do not use wiper without liquid

To clean the windscreen, liquid must be used before using the wipers. Running the wipers without liquid can result in a lot of scratches on the windscreen. So never run wiper without wiper liquid.

You can also use wax

You should use this wax to make the windscreen of the car clean and shiny. This does not spoil the shine of the car, but it should not be used too much. Always buy wax of good quality for this. Otherwise, the color of your vehicle can also get damaged. There is a need to take more precautions in its use.

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