Auto tips: Follow THESE measures to increase lifespan of your car suspension

New Delhi: Suspension is used in the vehicle to ensure that the car runs smoothly on the roads without any problems. But it is such a part of the car on which the entire weight of the car rests. But with the passage of time, it starts deteriorating and bad suspension not only damages the vehicle but can also cost you a lot.

If you want that the suspension of your car always runs properly without any problem, then today we are going to tell you about some such tips, by adopting which you can make the suspension run for a long time without spoiling.

Do not drive on potholed roads

Many potholes are commonly seen on Indian roads, which has a bad effect on the suspension of any vehicle. You should avoid taking your car on bad and potholed roads so that there is no problem in your vehicle due to this.

Because due to potholes, the suspension of the vehicle can also break due to excessive shock. Along with this, other parts of the car may also malfunction and you may spend a lot of money.

Do not do heavy braking

Often many people have this habit that they suddenly use heavy brakes. But doing so spoils the suspension of the vehicle.

Because due to heavy braking, the car comes to a sudden stop and its entire weight comes on the front suspension with a jerk, due to which the suspension becomes weak and there is a possibility of breaking it.

Do not overload the car

If you want to maintain the suspension of the vehicle for a long time, then you should avoid overloading.

Because carrying too much load in the car puts a lot of pressure on the suspension of the car, due to which they start weakening and may even break and in this case you and your car may have to suffer heavy losses, and poor suspension can increase your driving experience. spoils it too.

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