You have downloaded a fake BHIM App, find out

National | Jan. 4, 2017, 2:26 p.m.

New Delhi: As soon as the original makes debut, fakes follow in no time. First it was Rs 2000/500 notes, now it is the BHIM app launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Once the the app topped charts on the Google Play Store, duplicate apps have started flooding the Play Store.

Fake apps come under the names like Bhim payment updater 2017, ModiBhim, Modi ka Bhim, Bhim 2017, Bhim Cashless and Bhim Data Saver. Around 40 such fakes are going around.ModiBHIM, is the same app that earlier came as Modi KeyNote, which showed Modi speeced from a Rs 2000 note

Some apps claim to be a guide on how to use BHIM. These give a link to the original app.
Original BHIM app has been developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). NPCI's official Twitter handle is NPCI_BHIM, which is unverified till now, and it warns users about downloading these fake apps.
One fake is *99# BHIM UPI Bank No internet app. It offers USSD and UPI payments services The app developer claims that the inspiration for app came from NPCI documents, but that this app is not connected to the government. Disclaimer is the end to fool you. It lists all the banks offering UPI and their USSD codes. Even this app has registered oever 1 lakh download.
The BHIM update app aims to access the device identity and Photo and Media file.ModiBHIM app just lists RBI orders on demonetisation. While some apps are just guides, others are trying to pass off the UI of the BHIM app which is dangerous. Shockingly, these fake apps have managed a 4-star ratings.

Remember, always download the BHIM app from the official Google Play Store. Never rely on third-party app stores, even if they are pre-installed on your phone. The developer has to be NPCI, and no one else. Apps claiming to be developed with a “” somewhere in the name is fake, and possibly malicious.Don’t download apps that claim to offer guides or with BHIM logo. Just download one from NPCI. (News24Bureau)

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