Wow! 'Aritificial' heart in Rs 90 lakh saves life of Mumbai businessman

National | April 21, 2017, 9:23 a.m.

Mumbai: 49-years-old Mumbai businessman Doshi had suffered a heart attack five years back which resulted in heart failure. His condition got further complicated as he had lung tuberclosis. He was bed-ridden and due to added complications the doctors were not ready to operate on him. But then the risk was taken and the opration was done.

LVAD or left ventricular assist device has high mortality rate.Statistics show that only 60% of the patients live after one year and only 25% live beyond five years.


A black bag tied to his shoulder contains the external parts of the expensive  LVAD, which was implanted just below his heart at Fortis Hospital, Mulund, on March 25. Doshi who manufactures plastic moulds for automobile companies somehow managed to get this expensive device which cost him over 90 lakhs.

Dr Mulay, who operated upon Doshi said an LVAD isn't an artificial heart. It is a device that helps the existing heart work better. Doshi's successful operation proves that in India there is one more way to treat heart failure.

News24Bureau with Agency inputs

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