Woman gets Rs 100 crore in Jan Dhan account, PM wonders how

National | Dec. 26, 2016, 1:58 p.m.

Meerut (Uttar Pradesh): Hhere comes another note ban shocker. A woman earning just Rs 5,000 per month has just received Rs 100 crore in her Jan Dhan account. Most would have been happy, but this Rs 100 crore is giving nightmare to the woman.       


On Sunday when Sheetal went to withdraw money a shock was waiting for her. Her account was frozen. Shocked Sheetal then tried to find the reason, it was then she realised that she has become a crorepati by default. But, being a crorepati was a pain for her as she was unbale to mnage cash for her daily needs. She works in factory.

Hassled Sheetal then approached her bank, SBI's Sharda Road, and told the official that the money was not hers. She is yet to get a response.

As the last resort, Sheetal has sought intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by writing him a mail that the money doesn’t belong to her.

Her husband too has a moderate income, so the credit 99 crore, 99 lakh, 99 thousand and 394 rupees in Sheetal's account remains a mystery.

The mail to PM has ensured that no action has been taken against Sheetal. (News24Bureau)

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