Why PM Modi is unable to do 'padmasana', Rahul reveals the secret

National | Jan. 11, 2017, 12:16 p.m.

New Delhi: Fresh from a break, a charged Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi lashed out at PM Narendra Modi for being "insincere" in whatever he does. Ridiculing PM for his insincerity, Rahul said that PM is an avid yoga practitioner but he is unable to do the 'padmasana', or the lotus position.

"I saw PM Modi doing yoga on yoga day. The PM did all kinds of asanas - quite well - but he could not do the padmasana," the Congress vice president said at the 'Jan Vedna Sammelan' of the Congress in Delhi.

"I've done some yoga. Admittedly, I'm not very good at it, but my yoga guru used to tell me that if you practice yoga regularly, you can very easily do the padmasana. The converse though isn't true. Anyone who doesn't do yoga regularly can't do the Padmasana," Rahul said, adding salt to injury.

With example of yoga, the Congress VP accused the Prime Minister of not being able to perform any task well, or even adequately.

Attacking the PM further, Rahul gave an example to demonstrate PM's "incompetence". "When the PM went with a broom to talk about cleaning India up, did you see how he was holding the broom? Nothing gets cleaned if you hold the broom like that," Rahul said as the crowd  burst into laughter. (News24Bureau)

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