Why JEEP COMPASS Might Fail In India

Business | June 1, 2017, 10:22 a.m.

FCA is highly banking on JEEP COMPASS as their cars haven't done well in the Indian market and here are possible reasons that might lead to the failure of JEEP COMPASS in the Indian market

  • 1) FCA has gone terribly wrong over the years in the Indian market. Reviving their image is like reaching out for the sun.

  • 2) IN USA JEEP COMPASS costs USD $20,995 upon conversion it comes to INR 13,54,492.

  • 3) With "make in India" initiative the JEEP COMPASS should be priced under 13.5 lakh.

  • 4) We feel FCA India needs to overhaul their communication department and communication strategies, they have repeatedly failed to connect their products with the consumer.

  • 5) JEEP gives India secondary treatment, Internationally the SUV comes equipped with 2.4-Liter I4 MultiAir Engine and here we get a 1.4-litre turbo MultiAir2 petrol that too for what amount? 

  • 6) Service network has always been an issue for FCA India.

  • 7) Pricing is crucial in Indian market and FCA isn’t ready to accept that fact.

  • 8) Regular products being branded as niche ones.

  • 9) After sales support is a big big worry.

  • 10) Major chunk of FCA’s profit in India comes from selling engines to the likes of Maruti. So if you buy their car you know where you rank in their priority list.

  • 11) Jeep also runs the "Automobility" program in USA where they customize their vehicle for people with special needs and this issue was addressed to us by individuals with special needs one being Mr. Varun Khullar undergoing physiotherapy from Aadya Healthcare for spinal injury. We did take the communication forward to Mr. Sushant Balsekar (Head- PR & Corporate Communication Fiat Chrysler Automobiles India and Member- FCA India Leadership Team) in March and we haven't heard back from him on this matter.  Such outlook on an important matter like this is highly disappointing. 

  • 12) Looking at sales after GM if anyone could exit the Indian market it’s FCA.

  • 13) FCA makes arguably the best cars when put against their competitors, eg. Linea, Punto, Avventura and the entire ABARTH range yet they haven’t clicked with the Indian consumers.

  • 14) FCA’s communication team seems hasn’t really been up to the mark to make their products shine. Every product in FCA’s portfolio has the capability to be a market leader in sales. The ad and marketing department did derive sales but post that it was the job of the communication team to take it forward but they didn't steer them ahead. If you see the same happening with the COMPASS I won't be surprised.

Edited by Atul Bandhu

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