Watch: Pak exposed, pays one crore to send terrorists across LoC

National | Dec. 12, 2016, 7:04 a.m.

Islamabad: Even as Paksitan keeps proving it's innocence of not beig involved in terror-related activites at International level, particularly when it comes to India.

Sardar Raees Inqlabi said that Islamabad is paying hefty amount to send terrorists across the LoC. "You (Pakistan) are hiring killers and murderers; you pay them one crore rupees and turn them into a bomb and make them cross LoC, which is the main reason of tension. We condemn this terrorism. If you are so fond of firing, you must fight army to army," says Inqlabi.

Further exposing Pak's state support to terror, Inqlabi questions,"Those terror outfits which are banned in Pakistan in accordance with the National Action Plan, why are they being allowed to operate from 'Azad' Kashmir (PoK), and why are the banned groups been given a free hand in PoK."

"Those organisations which are banned by Pakistan have been given free hand here and along the LoC, and thus, we demand that Islamabad must impose a blanket ban on such outfits akin to the National Action Plan in Pakistan," adds Inqlabi.

According to official estimate, the Pakistan Army has violated the ceasefire arrangement agreed upon with India in November 2003 along the LoC and International Border (IB) more than 440 times this year.

Last month, Indian security forces released a video clearly showing infiltration bids by Pakistan-backed terrorists.


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